Stéphane Plaza: his fight against alcohol

It is a fight that he has been leading for many months. Last December, Stéphane Plaza confided on the set of Buzz TV “Figaro Live on his addiction to alcohol. “From a certain age, you can not do everything. […] I chose my health“, had declared the host star of M6.

On Instagram, the most famous real estate agent announced a big milestone: “Today is a big day. Step by step, I reached the unthinkable, the unimaginable, the 200 days (almost) without alcohol since I only allowed myself, for occasions dear to my heart, only 5 drinks in six months. My body is happy, my wrinkles are fading and, soon, my acne pimples will reappear. Yes, I am 20 years of less”.

Today, he wants to give a message of hope: “Nothing is impossible in life, we can manage to surpass ourselves if we have “the will”! I grant you, the course of the first 3 days is the hardest, because habit and temptation are there and go hand in hand!Struck by invisible lightning, the will surfaces and manages to banish these two pests from the 4th day.It is important and essential to change your old habits if you want to move forward with a healthy mind and body”. In July 2022, Stéphane Plaza had set himself the goal of no longer drinking a single drop of alcohol.