Warning: Guidelines for Article Writing

Read the Guidelines before submitting an article to avoid deletion

In the realm of online content creation, adherence to certain guidelines is paramount to ensure quality, credibility, and user satisfaction. As such, it’s imperative to understand and adhere to the prescribed criteria for article submission to avoid the risk of deletion and maintain the integrity of the platform. Below are the essential points to heed when crafting articles for publication:

1. Informational Content Requirement: Every article submitted must adhere to the standard of being informational in nature. This means that the content should aim to inform, educate, or enlighten the reader on a particular subject matter. Articles veering towards promotional or non-informative content risk deletion.

2. Limited External Links: While incorporating external links can enhance the depth and credibility of an article, it’s crucial to exercise restraint. Each article should contain no more than three external links. This restriction ensures that the focus remains on the primary content and prevents excessive redirection, which can dilute the reader’s attention.

3. Prohibition of Phone Numbers: In adherence to privacy and safety measures, the inclusion of phone numbers within articles is strictly prohibited. Any article found to contain phone numbers will be subject to immediate deletion. This precautionary measure safeguards users from potential privacy breaches and maintains the professional integrity of the platform.

4. Mandatory Featured Image: An engaging visual element is essential to captivate the audience and complement the textual content of an article. Therefore, all submitted articles must include a featured image. Failure to provide a featured image may result in the deletion of the article. This requirement ensures consistency in presentation and enhances the overall user experience.

Conclusion: Adhering to the prescribed guidelines is essential for maintaining the quality and integrity of article submissions. By following these instructions diligently, contributors can uphold the standards of excellence and contribute meaningfully to the platform’s content ecosystem. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the deletion of articles, emphasizing the importance of strict adherence to the stipulated criteria.