your reward may be waiting for you, here is the state bonus reserved for the best students

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Energy savings: your reward may be waiting for you, here is the state bonus reserved for the best students

Certain TotalEnergies, Engie and EDF customers who have reduced their electricity consumption this winter will benefit from a bonus of up to 120 euros.

Do you think you have reduced your electricity consumption this winter? Good news, you have a great chance of getting a reward! Several suppliers have offered various and varied offers to allow you to make great savings on your bill. But then, are you eligible for these bonuses? How much can you expect to earn from your efforts? What are the conditions for winning the jackpot? Overview.

First of all, know that the device “Consumer bonus” deployed by TotalEnergies only concerns customers who have subscribed to a continuous contract since the end of 2021, residents of the same accommodation during the period, and who have a Linky communicating meter. Also, customers must have reduced their consumption of more than 5% to get the famous bonus.

In total, more than 1.2 million TotalEnergie customers are concerned, for an average bonus of 90 euros paid with a discount on the next invoice. A discount that comes on top of the savings already made this winter. For some, consumption has even dropped by more than 20%. For these customers, the premium paid by TotalEnergies will be more substantial: -120 euros on the next bill. The energy giant also promises to pay a bonus of 20 or 30 euros To all his other clients to thank them for their loyalty.

Good news, the Engie customers should not be left out. To hope for a bonus, you must have participated in the scheme “My Engie bonus” and its various challenges. In total, 430,000 households are eligible for a premium At the same time, EDF has also set up a game system for market offer customers and members of the “eco-responsible club Oxygen”. Result of the operation? A 75 euro gift card if you reduce your electricity consumption byat least 10% compared to the previous winter. Enough to bring down the amount of your bill in these times of galloping inflation and rising energy prices.