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Why used car prices stop rising

Good news for car buyers: after the return of discounts on new vehicles, the prices of used vehicles are finally stopping to climb. They indeed stabilized in the first quarter, according to the Leboncoin site. The prices of second-hand car transactions amount to 11,260 euros on average, for vehicles sold by individuals, and 23,300 for those sold by professionals.

This “stabilization, noted in March for the third consecutive month, comes after two years of continuous price increases”, assures the first site in France for online sales. Prices had skyrocketed by 21% since the start of 2021 for diesels, by more than 30% for gasoline or hybrid models. Petrol models have thus gone, all sales channels combined, from 13,850 euros in the first quarter of 2021 to 18,470 on average in 2023. Consequence of the shortage of new models following the lack of components.

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