Where does the unused CPF money go?

Only 3% of employees mobilize their rights to the CPF each year to finance training. However, this device is funded up to 500 euros per year. It is therefore legitimate to ask where does the CPF money go Not used. In this article, we provide you with some answers.

What is the maximum CPF amount?

Where does the unused CPF money go?

For employees in the private sector, the CPF (Personal Training Account) is funded up to 500 euros per year of work. These rights can be accumulated up to 5000 euro maximum. As for unskilled employees, they are entitled to 800 euros per yearwith a ceiling at 8000 euros.

For information, know that “low-skilled” employees are those who have not reached a level 3 training level (CAP or BEP).

As far as civil servants are concerned, the way in which their CFP is funded is a little different from that of employees in the private sector. Indeed, their CPF is credited in number of hours. The amount of their credit amounts in particular to 25 hours per yearand the ceiling rises to 150 hours. For agents with less qualifications, the feed rate is 50 hours per year with a ceiling at 400 hours.

Whether for company employees or agents in the public service, the CPF account will cease to be fed once the ceiling has been reached.

When does the CPF expire?

Know that there is no expiration date for the CPF unlike its predecessor, namely the DIF (Individual Right to Training). Indeed, the latter was definitively replaced by the CPF in July 2021. And some working people who were unable to transfer their DIF to their CPF account lost their hours available on the old system.

Regarding the CPF, this new device never expires. This can be mobilized throughout working life, including during periods of unemployment. Even if you have reached the funding cap, your credits remain in your CPF account. And you can still use them as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.

On the other hand, as soon as you request your pension rights, your CPF account will be “frozen”. This means that your credits remain in your kitty, but you no longer have the right to use them to pay for training.

Note: There is a possibility of reactivating the CPF account even after retirement. The situation changes in particular if you obtain a retirement with a reduced rate and you resume an activity within the framework of a combination of employment and retirement. In this case, you will be able to mobilize your CPF to finance training.

How not to lose your CPF?

He is practically impossible to lose your CPF. In fact, you automatically benefit from your rights as soon as you enter the labor market until you reach retirement age. Acquired rights will not be lost even if you lose your job or change jobs.

So, if you have received an SMS stating that your CPF rights will soon expire, beware. This is definitely a scam attempt. Scammers use this technique to trick you into using your CPF to fund fraudulent training.

Here are some tips to prevent scammers from stealing your CPF rights:

  • Do not respond to messages indicating that you will lose your CPF rights
  • Do not click on links embedded in text messages sent by scammers
  • Keep your social security number secret
  • Do not communicate the identifiers of your private space to anyone on the website.
  • Disconnect your account after each use
  • Change your password as soon as you suspect your account has been hacked

Where does the unused CPF money go?

Despite the fact that this financing device is easy to use, few employees use it. Indeed, according to estimates, Only 3% of employees use their CPF partially or totally to pay for training.

As indicated above, as soon as the employee retires, his CPF will be automatically deactivated. In other words, when an active person leaves working life, he can no longer use his CPF rights.

The question now is where do the remaining euros in a pensioner’s CPF account go? Well, be aware that you cannot transfer them to your bank account. You cannot transfer them to an active third party either.

You will have understood it: it is quite simply impossible to recover the money of the CPF not mobilized during its working life.

These unused sums of money remain in the common pot of France competences. It is the latter who is responsible for managing the resources allocated to training and learning. This national body is in charge of redistributing the sums according to the needs in the different training funds.

Written by Emilie Grenaud

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