WhatsApp will let you edit your messages, but only for 15 minutes

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Good news for users of Meta’s flagship messaging system, WhatsApp is introducing a long-awaited feature: the ability to edit the messages you’ve just sent.


WhatsApp has just officially announced that starting today, you will be able to edit the messages you have already sent. It’s now been nearly a year since the feature was spotted in the app’s beta, and it’s now rolling out to all users.

However, unlike other apps that already offer similar functionality, you will not always have the possibility to edit your messages. Indeed, you will have to act quite quickly, because you will have a period of 15 minutes only to correct an error or add an emoji that you originally forgot to include.

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How to edit your messages on WhatsApp?

Editing your messages is simple. You just need to tap and hold on a message and then tap on the edit option. Note that edited posts will have “edited” next to the timestamp to mark the edit. However, the application does not keep a history of corrections, so you will not be able to preview what was previously written.

If this addition does not seem very important at first glance, it should make life easier for many users. WhatsApp has long offered the ability to delete messages. Technically, it was therefore already possible to correct typos by deleting the offending message and sending it again, but the ability to edit your chats should make conversations much more readable. You will no longer have to end up with a message saying “this message has been deleted”.

The WhatsApp blog states that the feature has already started rolling out globally and will be available to all users. in the coming weeks “. If you still haven’t received the update and this feature seems essential to you, we remind you that it has already been available for a long time on the beta version of the application.