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What’s Trending in Book PR

If you’re about to publish a book and plan a book marketing campaign, it’ll do you well to know more about current trends. Success for many self-published authors lies in a combination of online visibility and traditional media coverage. Traditional media news websites and TV shows hold sway with their audiences, including your target readers. Marketing your book effectively with an eye on current trends mixed with classic techniques is the surest route to success. It’s a double-edged sword in marketing books today. The opportunities and the competition are both significant factors.

Podcasts are one of the trending areas that deserves your strong consideration. Listenership continues to grow, and podcasts gain highly interested niche audiences. When you tap into those channels and select them carefully, you’re instantly in touch with people interested in buying (and downloading) and reading your book. You can start your own podcast inexpensively or be a guest on other podcasts. It’s wise to consider more than one to extend your reach. Radio interviews still exist, and the right ones are good book PR vehicles, but much of their place is being taken by podcasting as it continues to grow.

Everything “virtual” that started during the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to be popular. It means virtual book touring, live streams, TV guest shots from your home or office, and more. It reduces the need for travel and connects you with audiences anywhere in the world. You can appear virtually to people in many cities in a single day versus traveling to one and having your appearance limited to that market. It also helps with time and scheduling because giving a couple of hours to your book’s promotion is easier than blocking out days or weeks to go in person. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunities.

If you have a love for independent bookstores, they were battered by the pandemic, but the strong ones survived. They are excellent venues for book signings or in-person appearances if you choose to make them. Because their numbers are reduced, the best ones may receive more author appearance requests. As a result, ensure your request is well packaged and presented to the proper person at the store to be taken seriously. Even if you plan for your appearance to be primarily a book signing, it’s helpful to make a brief talk or presentation to start. It makes the event more complete for attendees.

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