What are the common amla juice side effects?

If you are looking forward to consuming amla juice on a regular basis in order to access the numerous benefits that it possesses, then you should also do an elaborate research regarding its side effects. This can be considered as very important and hence, a lot of us might often wonder what are the common amla juice side effects. So, if you are one of them, then this discussion will provide you with all the necessary guidance regarding the side effects of Amla juice. As we all know, Amla is indeed very beneficial and it provides numerous benefits to our skin, as well as hair. Hence, people have been consuming this amazing fruit in different ways since centuries. But, nobody talks about the side effects. We have to keep in mind that each and every food item produces a certain effect on our body. In the case of some people, these effects could be positive. On the other hand, for some the effects can be extremely detrimental. Hence, before using such herbal remedies, we should do our very own research regarding the same. This will help us in avoiding such side effects as much as possible. So, here we will be discussing in detail about the different side effects associated with the consumption of amla juice.


Low sugar levels, one of the main amla juice side effects

Now, we all know that raw amla is extremely beneficial when it comes to regulating diabetes. This is simply because of its fiber rich properties which has the capability of absorbing excess sugar. But, on the other hand, if you are someone who suffers from low blood sugar levels or Hypoglycemia, taking raw amla can be harmful for you. This fruit will lower the blood sugar to an extreme level. You should also avoid consuming this fruit if you are on regular anti-diabetic medications. In this case, the components of the fruit will hamper the medications, as well as its effects. Thus, it is evident that though this fruit is highly beneficial in the case of the diabetic patients, it might cause a negative effect in the case of the patients who suffer from low blood sugar levels. Thus, this effect should be kept in mind if you are looking forward to consuming this fruit on a regular basis. Now, let’s take a look at the next side effect of this juice.


It is not good for hypotension patient

This can definitely be considered as one of the most common amla juice side effects. As we all know, this fruit is very good when it comes to treating hypertension. It has immense capability to lower, as well as maintain blood pressure. On the other hand, if you are suffering from hypotension, then it is advisable that you avoid the excess consumption of this fruit juice. In such cases, the constituents of this juice will further decrease the blood pressure. Hence, stop the consumption of this juice in such circumstances and also indulge in some sorts of exercises to keep the blood pressure level maintained.


Dehydration, one of the common amla juice side effects

This side effect of Amla juice can be considered as quite dangerous and proper actions should be taken to avoid unnecessary problems. This juice possesses diuretic properties and hence, intaking it will increase the urine production in our body. As a result, the excess consumption of this juice might lead to dehydration, as well as weight loss in some people. Thus, it is highly recommended that the ladies who are pregnant should avoid the consumption of amla as much as possible.


It can cause skin problems

As we have already mentioned, the amla juice possesses diuretic properties. Hence, it significantly helps in getting rid of toxins, as well as wastes from our bodies through urine. We have to be extremely cautious about this particular effect and should try to replenish the water loss as soon as possible. Dehydration is not at all good and it might also lead to loss of luster in the skin. This in turn causes dryness, as well as early aging.


Amla juice can trigger acidity

Amla juice can be considered as a rich source of ascorbic acid. As a result of the acidic nature, amla juice has the capability of triggering acidity. This will in turn cause irritation in the stomach. Hence, if you are someone who has had a history of hyperacidity problems, then it is advisable that you avoid the consumption of this fruit, as well as its juice. This will help you in avoiding these acidity related issues.


Heart patients should not take it

This can also be considered as one of the most dangerous amla juice side effects. The constituents of this juice have the capability of initiating negative reactions with certain medications. Sometimes, these reactions can be extremely detrimental for the patients. Hence, it is highly recommended that if you suffer from any type of heart ailments, you must consult your doctor prior to the consumption of amla or amla juice.


Hair fall can occur

This side effect might shock a lot of people who have been consuming amla or amla juice for enhancing the health of the hair and scalp. As we all know, no matter how beneficial a particular thing is, excess consumption might cause a negative impact. In other words, excess of anything is not good. It has been observed that excessive consumption of this fruit juice might lead to scalp dryness, dandruff, hair fall, itchiness, as well as other scalp related issues. Thus, you should always try to consume it in moderate amounts.



In this discussion, we have provided a detailed overview regarding amla juice side effects. As we can see, this juice indeed has some side effects and these effects should be kept in mind before deciding to consume amla juice on a regular basis. In addition to that, we should always avoid excessive consumption of amla juice or raw amla. The side effects that have been discussed here are the most commonly observed ones. A person who has been consuming amla juice regularly might not experience all the listed side effects. Instead, he or she might experience one or two side effects from the listed ones. This is simply because of the fact that everyone’s body is different and the reaction of our body to the different food items or medicines might also vary from one person to another. 

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