Were there really more heat records than cold in 2022?

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The year 2022 was marked by serial temperature records, heat, but also cold. If some still doubted it, the number of heat records recorded in official weather stations has far exceeded that of cold records. The California organization Berkeley Earth released an animated map of temperature extremes recorded throughout the past year.

No less than 8,545 stations spread across the world, with at least 40 years of readings, show:

  • daily records: 88,785 for heat and 29,488 for cold;
  • monthly records: 3,709 for heat and 612 for cold;
  • absolute records: it has never been so hot, all months combined, since the beginning of the records, in 575 stations, and it has never been so cold in 66 stations.

Unsurprisingly, the highest number of heat records were recorded in the western United States, Europe and China.