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We tested the quiche from the coronation of Charles III and… it’s a “little rubbish” quiche

KITCHEN – Spinach, cream, eggs, cheese… The ingredients for your mother’s signature quiche? Or your college canteen? Think again. This is indeed the recipe chosen by King Charles III and his wife Camilla ” in person ” for their crowning glory on May 6: a spinach, cheddar, broad bean and tarragon quiche.

This official dish was presented in April on the Twitter account of the royal family, in a video where we see a chef preparing the coronation quiche Or “coronation quiche”. So, of course, we wanted to test it at HuffPost.

The 74-year-old king, who has posed as a defender of the environment for decades, announced that he had chosen a vegetarian recipe. In addition to spinach, beans and tarragon, you need milk, fresh cream, eggs and of course, cheddar. “To be eaten hot or cold with a green salad and boiled new potatoes”says the royal family.

Not quite vegetarian

Except that the recipe is not entirely vegetarian: in the dough, which we made following the instructions on the royal family’s website, there is “lard”, “lard” in French, which is made from pork fat. We replaced it with butter. Another pitfall: the recipe is developed for a mold 20 cm in diameter, which is not the diameter of a classic pie mold. It may be wise to double the proportions in order to fill your entire mold and have a crust worthy of the name.

Britons are encouraged to replicate the recipe at large coronation lunches, or coronation big lunchesthe neighborhood parties that will take place on the weekend of May 6.

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