Victorious at Wimbledon, she converts to adult content

Titled in 2015 at the junior Wimbledon tournament, Sofya Zhuk was forced to stop her career five years later. She announced the imminent opening of her channel on an adult-only platform.

A few years ago, Sofya Zhuk represented the next generation and the future of Russian tennis. In 2015, eleven years after her glorious elder, Maria Sharapova, won the women’s singles against Serena Williams, the promising Russian player won the junior title of the Wimbledon tournament. A coronation which announced an explosive career, but multiple injuries abruptly cut off the momentum of the native of Moscow and pushed him to retire in 2020, at only twenty-one years old. Converted into the sale of luxury vehicles on the side of Miami, the young woman also works in modeling. She will now move on to another stage of her professional life.

A step that will make him cross a barrier. The one that those under eighteen are not allowed to step over. In an interview with the German newspaper Picture, Sofia Zhuk first explained why she had to quit tennis. ” My body needed to rest. I had so many physical problems that even the doctors didn’t want to treat me anymore. I don’t digest protein properly, so my spinal discs behaved like those of a 60-year-old. I have always played with terrible pain. I loved tennis, but I had to think about my health first. »

Case to follow

But it’s on his page instagram that the twenty-three-year-old young woman announced at the end of April that she was about to embark on the adult universe ofOnlyFans. However, some little rascals fond of naked photos will be disappointed since Sofia Zhuk added a clarification at the time: There won’t be any nudity, so don’t get too excited, but there will be some interesting stuff. A mystery still waiting to be unraveled.

Written by Astride Belanger

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