Unlocking the Mysteries of the Desert: A Thrilling Safari Experience in Dubai

Going on a desert adventure was something everyone should try in Dubai. Our friends said it was a fantastic way to explore Bedouin culture and the desert. The tour offered many things to do, like riding over sand dunes, riding camels, sliding down sand on boards, and dressing up in traditional clothes. Plus, there were live dance performances, fire shows, and a buffet meal. The price seemed unbelievably low. But was it worth it? Here’s what I really thought about the evening Dubai Desert Safari.

Dubai Desert Safari Review: Do your Examination

Before you decide on a desert safari Dubai, make sure to do your homework. Unlike in some parts of Asia where you can easily find many tour options, Dubai is different. We booked our tour through Happy Tourism because there weren’t as many options available. We checked out several evening desert tours offered by Happy Adventures Tourism LLC and picked one with good reviews and a reasonable price.


Overall, I think we got what we paid for. We were hoping for a bit more for the price of HK$185, which was fair. If I had the chance to do it again, I’d probably search for something smaller and less touristy.

Bedouin Camp

Next, we entered a Bedouin camp, designed to replicate the resting spots used by desert travelers on camelback. Since there were many camps around, we stopped at two different ones. Upon reaching the correct camp, a staff member offered us the option to upgrade to a private area for an additional fee. This area boasted comfortable couches and a prime view of the stage. They also provided the option to have our food delivered instead of queuing for the buffet, at an extra cost of around HK$100 per person. Despite the offer, we declined as we had already paid for the trip, and I prefer not to be upsold.

Camel Ride, Henna Painting, Arabic costume Photography

We waited for the other tour groups to arrive before the show began, joining around 150-200 tourists in the Bedouin tent. During the wait, we had the option to enjoy tea, take a quick camel ride, and get henna tattoos.


Outside the camp, we witnessed the guide mistreating two camels, which made us uncomfortable. Additionally, the henna tattoos offered were small and simple, not traditional. For a more traditional and larger design, there was an extra cost.


Although shisha was included in the tour package, which I don’t smoke, it was only available for free until 7:00 pm. Before that time, you had to pay for it. Furthermore, we were unaware of sandboarding, which was supposed to be included in our tour.


Overall, I’m glad we experienced the desert safari, but given the chance, I’d opt for a company that prioritizes animal welfare, eco-friendliness, and offers a more intimate experience. In this instance, I believe you truly get what you pay for. Seek out boutique companies that prioritize ethical treatment of animals and workers while providing an exceptional desert safari in Dubai.

Written by Adeline Dune

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