University of Buea cleaners decry ‘peanuts’ salaries, want better pay. – Mimi Mefo Info

Some workers of the University of Buea charged with keeping the university environment clean have decried poor salaries paid to them for years.

They recently went public after several attempts to make authorities look into their situation failed.

Most of the workers are paid 20,000frs monthly for the services they have been rendering for the institution, one of them told MMI.

According to them, “What they pay us is too small.”

“We have been working here for more than 15 years and our salary is too low. Imagine, we are paid 20,000frs monthly, how do we take care of our families, send kids to school, and take care of our transportation charges?” one of the disgruntled workers told MMI.

Another disgruntled worker said, “They started paying me 15000frs and later raised it to 21000 FRS till date.”

They said their grievances have never received attention from authorities.

“We have been crying for the government to increase our pay but all we get are promises that have never been fulfilled.”

By David Atangana.

Written by Aloys Gautier

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