Umtiti, the focus on Barça

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An interview with Samuel Umtiti broadcast this week on Canal+ was mistranslated by the Spanish press. The tricolor defender has made things clear.

After very long months of struggle with FC Barcelona, ​​Samuel Umtiti has made the decision to go and play on loan at Lecce. In Serie A since last summer, the tricolor defender has rediscovered the taste for playing football and shared this during an interview with Canal+. Broadcast in the Channel Football Club, this interview was taken from the side of Spain, but a word was not well translated by the journalists and the meaning of the sentence which contained this famous word was then completely changed. Annoyed by this error, Samuel Umtiti came out of silence.

I don’t know if it was a depression, but it was complicated and really difficult at all levels. Thus he had expressed himself in the interview granted to the encrypted channel. And it is the word “depression” which has been translated into “prison” by certain journalists. Friday on social networks, Samuel Umtiti therefore wanted to correct the thing. ” To all journalists… If you need help translating, you can call me next time. Depression= Depression, nothing to do with ‘jail’. Thank you so much. »


“It was complicated”

The French therefore did not feel in prison, as some have translated. On the other hand, he therefore suffered from his situation as an eternal substitute at Barça. ” I withdrew a lot, even with my loved ones and it was hard. In Barcelona I didn’t want to go out, my friends who told me ‘I’m coming to see you to change your mind’, I said no, I wanted to be alone. And it is true that it was complicated. “Old history now.