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Ultra-right: 4 men suspected of terrorist projects will be tried in June at the assizes of minors

Four men belonging to the neo-Nazi movement, suspected of having prepared terrorist projects between 2017 and 2018, will be tried in June by the special assize court for minors, we learned this Wednesday, May 10.

A first. On June 19, the trial of four men from the neo-Nazi movement, suspected of having prepared between 2017 and 2018 criminal terrorist projects, will open before the special assize court for minors.

If they are now aged 21 to 28, one of the respondents was 17 at the time of the events. A fifth protagonist, aged 14 at the time of the events and now 19, will be tried by the Paris Children’s Court, ruling in criminal matters.

These two criminal hearings for these men are a first in an ultra-right case, while the precedents have been tried in recent years by the criminal court.

“WaffenKraft Project”

According to the indictment order of which AFP was aware, signed in May 2022 but revealed on Wednesday by Politis, the five protagonists “adhered to the ideas conveyed by the neo-Nazi far right” and had participated in a forum of private discussion named “WaffenKraft project”, created by one of the protagonists, a 17-year-old minor.

According to the judges, its objective was “clearly, beyond the exchanges on ideology, to prepare actions which had very quickly drifted towards the development of terrorist projects under the impetus of Alexandre Gilet”, described as “more radical and more motivated”, with the 17-year-old minor.

Alexandre Gilet, imprisoned since December 2018 “had taken the leadership of the group and proposed various projects of attacks against personalities or communities”, support the investigating magistrates.

“This file is the product of the attacks that have taken place on French soil since 2015 and the deep hatred shared by millions of French people with regard to an Islamist phenomenon discovered at the time and the observation of a chain failure of the State and the public authorities who have not been able to accompany and anticipate these phenomena of radicalization”, estimated his lawyer, Me Fanny Vial.

She denounced the situation of her client, “a very young man detained in solitary confinement for four years and five months”.

The investigation began with the arrest in September 2018 of this volunteer deputy gendarme in Isère then 22 years old, after a report on an order from him for products falling into the composition of explosive devices. Four other protagonists were arrested until May 2019, and placed under judicial control.

A threat “rising in power”

Nine attacks attributed to the ultra-right have been foiled since 2017, according to Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin in early April.

A dozen procedures in connection with the ultra-right have been opened in recent years at the anti-terrorist center in Paris. A threat “taken very seriously” and which “is growing in power”, according to a Parisian anti-terrorism magistrate.

Several other major cases, such as that of a small group called OAS or that of the Barjols, have been tried in recent years, but by the Paris Criminal Court.

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