Trend Velvet Dreams

The translation of “Sweet dreams” is not “Sleep tight” for nothing. A bedroom in this theme welcomes you with rich floral prints, deep colours and cuddly fabrics. Velours is back, and accessories are more than welcome—everything for that royal feeling.

Velvet style

Kevin Py van Zanten: “It’s a bit too much for the whole house, but this rich and floral trend is excellent for a room like a bedroom. This colourful cover immediately brings life to the brewery. I saw this dark red, and it called me immediately!

I have no specific preference in terms of colour. I go for dark with bright flowers in the winter and in the summer for pastel shades. So this fall, it will be retro burgundy. Some find it daring; others get a nostalgic feeling. Add a lovely retro lamp, and I’m ready for autumn.”

This warm look fits well in a sleek industrial and, simultaneously, in a romantic bedroom. We see a lot of overflowing colours, dip dye and tight graphic patterns. Most duvet covers have a uni back so there is some variation. And not unimportant: the cotton satin feels like a second home.

Give your bedroom a touch of gold.

Warm colours such as dark green, dark blue, ocher yellow and burgundy immediately give you that wow feeling. Or is it the soft materials such as cotton satin, velvet and faux fur and the surprising glossy effects that invite you to settle down for a long night? This fall, it may be a little more.

The most beautiful duvet covers for spring.

Spring. Finally! And what are we looking forward to? Now we can be found with our heads in this fine season for a while. For putting together our new spring collection of duvet covers. They are so beautiful, fresh and completely up-to-date. Ready to brighten up your bedroom? That won’t be easy to choose. This is in the top 5 of the most wanted copies.

1. Duvet cover Bouquet d’Anniversaire Van Gogh

It doesn’t get more colourful and floral than this. If this anniversary duvet cover Bouquet d’Anniversaire from the Beddingshouse x Van Gogh Museum collection doesn’t bring a spring atmosphere into your bedroom… The loose flowers of this rich bouquet stand on a golden background and are based on various paintings by the master painter himself. The back is solid golden yellow

Made of 100% cotton satin, you experience the same breathability and moisture-absorbing properties as regular cotton. The weave makes this duvet cover feel wonderfully soft and supple, and it has a subtle shine effect.

2. Duvet cover Dotje from B Bright

Light, playful and completely spring-proof: Dotje from B Bright’s duvet covers have a unique dotted pattern in soothing colours. Dotje is timeless and fits into all bedroom styles, but Dotje is anything but boring. The back has the same print. For an extra fresh look, combine Dotje with a snow-white fitted sheet.

This duvet cover is made of 100% cotton so that you can enjoy soft sleeping comfort. The breathable cotton absorbs moisture well, so you enjoy a fresh sleeping climate.

3. Fields Bedding house duvet cover

Does spring also equal nature to bloom again for you? Then this Fields duvet cover from Beddinghouse is the way to enjoy this in your bedroom. On the duvet cover, you will find a blooming spring field full of wildflowers and grasses in soft pastel shades. They stand out extra beautifully on the white background.

This duvet cover is made of 100% cotton so that you can enjoy soft sleeping comfort. The breathable cotton absorbs moisture well, so you enjoy a fresh sleeping climate.

4. Springfield duvet cover from B Bright

Spring is in the air! With this cheerful and fresh duvet cover Springfield from B Bright, you can quickly bring spring into your bedroom. The spring field of fresh flowers with blue accents is depicted on a warm ocher yellow background. The light grey with a white striped pattern on the back creates a friendly and calm contrast when you fold back your duvet.

This duvet cover is 100% cotton to enjoy soft sleeping comfort. The breathable cotton absorbs moisture well, so you enjoy a fresh sleeping climate.

5. Lillibet duvet cover from B Bright

Turn your bed into a cheerful floral carpet with the Lillibet duvet cover from B Bright. The print is dotted with countless small flowers in soothing colours, providing a fresh look and a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom.

A silky soft interior with a velvet fabric

Velvet, velvet or velvet; with this silky soft fabric, you add a touch of luxury to your interior!

Velvet, velour or velvet, this fabric is hip in all languages ​​and in both the fashion and interior world! This silky soft material gives just that chic touch and creates a warm glow in your home. Due to the texture of the fabric, the colour changes with every incidence of light, and you can play with the atmosphere. From velvet sofas and armchairs to a wall with a velvety appearance, this velvet fabric is widely applicable and often comes in warm colours that fit into any living style.

Cuddly fabric

Did you know that velvet fabric used to be a coveted and expensive fabric that was only available to the wealthy elite? Fortunately, this cuddly material is no longer so exclusive nowadays, and we find it in both clothing and the interior. Thanks to the soft shine of velvet, you can create a luxurious atmosphere in your home in no time. For example, placing several velvet cushions or plaids on the sofa or opting for silky soft bedding makes the room feel elegant and fine.

Silky smooth glow

Velvet fabric does not only have to return to the interior as fabric. You can also give your wall a silky soft glow with Histor Perfect Effects Velvet Touch wall paint. This gives a special effect on the wall and ensures a fine light reflection. You can also add a luxurious touch to the room with our renewed collection of horizontal blinds. This type of window covering has been expanded with ‘Pure Sense’, a silky-soft coating on the slat, which gives the blind a warm appearance and, as an additional advantage, retains less dust due to this new finish.

Romantic atmosphere

This sumptuous fabric is not only soft and pleasant but also contributes to the thermal insulation of your home, dampens sound and is fire retardant. In addition to these fine benefits, velvet naturally creates a luxurious and romantic atmosphere at home. Combine this fabric with pastel colours and natural materials such as wood or marble for a calm ambience with a Scandinavian touch. Do you have an interior industrial style? You can also choose to add velvet elements because this shiny fabric matches very nicely with steel and concrete. This way, you provide a touch of luxury and elegance in a challenging environment.

Red velvet

When you think of velvet (the English word for velvet), do you immediately think of Red Velvet cake? Delicious to eat, but this colour is also very suitable for your interior. Especially burgundy red lends itself very well to this silky soft fabric and so you can make a striking style statement in the room. Naturally, ocher yellow, olive green and retro brown are also beautiful trend colours for velvet items in your interior. If you want to bring a real eye-catcher into your home, choose velvet duvet covers set, soft, hip and elegant, bright-coloured furniture!

Written by Daisy Noah

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