Toyota Innova Crysta Features and Engine Specifications


Toyota Innova Crysta Features

The Toyota Innova Crysta is loaded with some awesome features! First up, there’s an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system right in the center of the dashboard. It’s like having a big smartphone screen in your car and it can hook up to both Android phones and iPhones with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Plus, the driver’s seat is super comfy and can be adjusted in eight different ways using power buttons. You can find just the right position for a cozy drive. Speaking of cozy, the car also comes with automatic climate control, which means it keeps everyone comfortable no matter the weather outside. And if you’re sitting in the back, don’t worry, there are extra vents just for you. Finally, there’s ambient lighting inside the car, which adds a nice touch of style and sets a relaxing mood for your journey.

Toyota Innova Crysta Engine Specifications

The Innova Crysta is a powerful vehicle that comes equipped with a robust 2.4-liter diesel engine. This engine has the capability to produce 150 horsepower, giving the vehicle ample strength to tackle various driving situations. Additionally, it boasts an impressive torque output of 343 Newton-meters, ensuring smooth acceleration and confident performance on the road.


To complement its powerful engine, the Innova Crysta is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission. This transmission system allows for precise gear shifts, giving drivers greater control over the vehicle’s speed and performance. Whether navigating city streets or cruising on the highway, the combination of the diesel engine and manual transmission delivers a satisfying driving experience.

Toyota Innova Crysta Safety Features

The Toyota Innova Crysta is packed with safety features designed to keep you and your passengers secure on the road. One notable feature is the inclusion of seven airbags strategically placed throughout the vehicle, ready to deploy in the event of a collision to cushion occupants from impact. Another vital safety feature is the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) system, which helps maintain stability during sudden maneuvers or on slippery road surfaces, reducing the risk of skidding or loss of control. Additionally, the hill-start assist feature ensures smooth starts on steep inclines by preventing the vehicle from rolling backward. Front and rear parking sensors provide added convenience and safety by alerting drivers to obstacles when parking, helping to prevent accidents. Lastly, the brake assist system enhances braking performance during emergency situations, providing additional stopping power when needed to mitigate the risk of collisions. With these advanced safety technologies, the Toyota Innova Crysta prioritizes your safety and peace of mind on every journey.


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