Tired eyes? 5 Grandma’s Remedies You Need to Know.

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Don’t worry, there are effective natural treatments for your irritated eyes.

They are easy to make and effective.

1. Warm compresses

This is the simplest method against eyestrain.

Take 2 compresses, soak them in water and heat them in the microwave for a few seconds.

Check that the compresses are not too hot and place them on each closed eye.

The heat will relieve your eyes quickly.

2. Brewer’s yeast

Brewer’s yeast has many benefits.

One of them is to relieve eyes irritated by screens and improve eyesight.

Same for sunflower seeds.

Try to consume it regularly to take advantage of its virtues.

If you don’t have brewer’s yeast, you can find it here and sunflower seeds here.

3. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is effective for eyes irritated by the sun, but not only.

If your eyes hurt from a day at work spent on the computer screen, aloe vera will also relieve you.

To use it, just put a few drops of an aloe vera lotion in each eye.

If you don’t have aloe vera, you can find some here.

The advantage is that you can also drink it to enjoy its many benefits.

4. A neck massage

Yes yes, you read that right.

If your eyes are tired because you haven’t slept much last night, massage your neck or better ask your friend for a little massage.

This massage will relax you and relieve your eyes in a few minutes.

You can do it without oil or with a sweet almond oil like this.

5. Cornflower floral water

Cornflower floral water is a perfect natural ingredient for your reddened and irritated eyes. The application is quite simple.

Simply leave compresses of cornflower floral water on puffy eyes for 5 minutes and renew if necessary.

If you don’t have cornflower floral water, you can find some here.

bonus tip

Another much less expensive trick, but which has the same soothing effect for your eyes, is to use an infusion of fennel.

Simply apply cotton pads soaked in a cooled fennel infusion to the eyes.

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