‘Time-traveller holding mobile phone’ spotted in 1930s pic, bizarre theory claims

A PHOTO of a city square has emerged online – and conspiracy theorists say it proves time travellers really do exist.

The black and white snap captures the busy New York scene, with street vendors and locals going about their daily business.

Conspiracy theorists believe this 1930s image proves time travel exist


Conspiracy theorists believe this 1930s image proves time travel existCredit: Berenice Abbott / Brooklyn Museum Collection

It’s said to have been taken by an American photographer in Brooklyn’s Union Square in 1936.

But eagle-eyed believers think they’ve spotted something out of the ordinary for the era.

The man in the foreground of the snap appears to be holding a device to his ear that bears an extraordinary resemblance to a mobile phone.

Conspiracy theorists are saying it must mean the man, who is dressed the same as the other pedestrians, is a time traveller.

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Perhaps that is the case or, more logically, the man was holding something else to his ear.

Or maybe he had a very itchy head!

After all, this wouldn’t be the first time an historic image has caused a stir among time travel believers in recent weeks.

Conspiracy theorists were left in a spin after spotting a strange feature in a 1940s photo that they claim proves time travel is real.

The seaside snap shows a fleet of Brits escaping the realities of World War II with a day at the beach.

In the centre of the image, a man in a brown suit can be seen glued to an object in his hand that looks suspiciously like a smartphone.

As well as questioning his outfit choice, social media users became embroiled in a fierce debate over what was preoccupying the bloke.

He was quickly dubbed the “texting time traveller” after many pointed out he appeared to be scrolling through a mobile phone.

Bonkers theories also started to swirl regarding an ancient Greek tombstone after people spotted a woman using a laptop.

They claimed it was proof that a time traveller took a portable computer back to when the marble relief was sculpted in 100BC.

It came after art fans were baffled at a woman “holding an iPhone” in a painting from the 1860s.

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Another man was spotted thumbing what looks like an iPhone in a 1930s mural of a scene from 17th century New England.

And Apple boss Tim Cook joked he had found one of his firm’s gadgets in a 350-year-old masterpiece in Amsterdam.


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