This is the star sign that sleeps the most

This native cannot do without his bed. People born under the sign of Cancer can stay for long hours in the arms of Morpheus.

Cancer is a heavy sleeper. As astrocoach Nathalie Marcot asserts, this homebody sign “is a real marmot” and can go around the dial without any problem. Once his head is resting on the pillow, “he is able to chain several hours of sleep”.

For this Water sign, “sleeping is a real pleasure and a need. It takes him between ten and twelve hours to be fit and in a good mood,” she explains, adding that he has a “very deep” sleep.

often late

As a result, “he may not hear his alarm clock or his baby crying in the middle of the night”. He also has a lot of trouble with early morning alarms, says Nathalie Marcot, also an expert in inner connection and couple relationships.

Cancer “is often late because he struggles to get up,” adds the specialist. And even if he had his quota of sleep, “he is never against a nap”.

And on weekends, adds the astrocoach, who runs a YouTube channel, “he can stay all day at home warm under his plaid because he loves being at home, in his cocoon”.