this actress back after 15 years of absence

Before this new opus of Captain America, the actress had appeared in the MCU at its very beginning.

The MCU is a Phase IV that may have disappointed many fans, a Phase V that started badly and internal problems. But despite everything, Marvel continues its “little” merry way. Whether Ant Man 3 did not really convince, we can hope for a better future. From the arrival of the X-Men to the formation of the new avengers, there is something to be hyped about. Among the films particularly awaited, we find in particular Captain America 4. Subtitle New World Orderthis one will now focus on Sam Wilson.

Captain America 4between newcomers and big comebacks

Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) is the new Captain America. To succeed the famous Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), he will have a lot to do. But don’t worry: for this, he will be supported by a hell of a cast of actors and characters. Tim Blake Nelson will play the main antagonist, Samuel Sterns / the Leader. Falcon (Danny Ramirez) will also be there. We can also mention Harrison Ford, who will replace William Hurt in the role of Thaddeus Ross. First appeared within Marvel in The Incredible Hulk, he has since reappeared a few times. The last time was in 2021 in Black Widow.

But what about his daughter, Elizabeth “Betty” Ross? Unlike her father, she only appeared once in Marvel. It was in 2008 in The Incredible Hulk, in which she was then engaged to Bruce Banner. Since then, she has not given any sign of life. But that will soon be history. The magazine The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Betty Ross will be back in Captain America 4, in the guise of Liv Tyler! The 45-year-old American actress will therefore celebrate her comeback in the MCU, after more than 15 years of absence. The filming of his scenes has already begun.

Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) in The Incredible Hulk

Liv Tyler, back on screen

While Liv Tyler has only appeared once in the MCU as Betty Ross, her career has slowly continued to run its course. If it is true that she has been more discreet in recent years, she still shot with James Gunn in her second film, Greator in Ad Astra, alongside Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones. Above all, the actress is famous for having interpreted the Elf Arwen in the trilogy Lord of the Ringsin the early 2000s.

Captain America 4 will therefore mark his return to a big-budget film for five years. On the other hand, it is still unclear whether she will play a key role in the scenario. It must be said that Julius Onah’s feature film is particularly discreet. Nevertheless, the information is starting to leak out in dribs and drabs. A few days ago, the first images of Anthony Mackie on the set of the film had been shared on social networks. It’s already something to get your teeth into.

Written by Emilie Grenaud

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