Things to Avoid to Say in Investment Banking Interview

Congratulations, you have made it through the crazy investment banking resume screening process, and now you have a couple of interviews lined up. As a recruiter, we often hear candidates bragging about where they are interviewing. Wake up. Just because you snag an interview slot does not mean you are a shoo-in for the job. But it’s not a time for relaxation.

Many aspirants who ace the interview understand the significance of networking and the importance of company-specific research. They have probably contacted school classmates and former work colleagues to understand better the firm’s culture and the nuanced recruiting process. Even with your networking connections, the interview process for investment banking is an absolute beast.

Epic Investment Banking Interview Fails

Sometimes, you nail a job interview and know you will be called back for another round. Sadly, most of the time, your crash and burn is due to something you said or did.

The more you prepare, the less likely you will experience the uncomfortable “why the hell did I say that” moment. Below, please find some suggestions for what not to do during the interview process and how to prepare for an investment banking interview.

1. Absence of Professionalism

Avoid these common interview mistakes in Investment Banking. Remember that your first impression is always the last. First impressions are not re-created. Arriving on time and wearing professional clothing would be a good idea.

2. Asking the Interviewer about Work/Life Balance

You should know the deal if you apply for an investment banking position. You will work long hours. The work/life balance will need improvement. Interviewers may interpret a candidate’s insistence on discussing the quality of their life during an investment banking interview as a lack of commitment.

We all know that you are clever. DO NOT correct the interviewer. DO NOT argue with the interviewer. They will not appreciate your honesty and will not find you more clever.

3. Lack of Preparation

It is one of the leading investment banking interview mistakes. Most of the candidates need to prepare for the Investment Banking interview. The problem lies with the technical questions. The candidate needs to be ready with the technical questions, which are the basis for testing the candidate’s candidature.

4. Lying to the Interviewer

One of my all-time favourite lies is the “laid-off cover-up”. They still insist that they are employed even though they were told they had been terminated YET and are receiving severance payments from their former employer. Be honest if you’ve been terminated or impacted by a force reduction. It’s banking; everybody gets laid off at some point. It’s a right of passage. OWN IT.

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5. Shorted Your Stories

Some candidates should keep their stories of success and failure private. The interviewer is not hearing your stories. Answers should be concise, include relevant information, and be sure to use specifics. Don’t be a show-off when describing your experience.

6. No or haphazard research of the Company

You are making a mistake if you must research the company you’re applying to before attending an interview. It is essential to thoroughly analyse the company, its competitors and its market position.

7. Showing up Late

Know where you will interview, and do more than show up on time; show up a few minutes early. Being late is a deal breaker. No excuses. There may be a long line at a security desk that you didn’t anticipate or a slow elevator. A candidate once showed up for a super day 20 minutes late. Then, they didn’t get the offer.

8. Never Say You Like to Double Down on Losses

This is one for traders and is relatively self-evident, but worth pointing out nonetheless. If you give the impression that you will take more risk in an attempt to eradicate a loss – rather than cutting the position – you will raise red flags. Some people double down successfully, but if you say you’ve done this, you will be perceived as irresponsible.

9. Too Prepared

The most common mistake in an Investment Banking Interview is needing to be more prepared. The candidates memorize their answers so well that it is easy for the interviewer to tell if the candidate is speaking with naturalness or just telling a story. The interview should be a conversation, not a performance by the candidate. While it is being investment banking interview preparation, you can consider the points but not the story.


We know the banks, working structures, and expectations from the candidates. Through this guide, we will guide you through this highly competitive job market to help you land your dream position. Gain a credable investment banking certification as well to gain more growth in your career.

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