The Trick to Stop the Chocolate Chips from Falling to the Bottom of the Cake.

It’s normal and it’s the same problem with pieces of fruit like grapes!

If we do nothing, we end up with slices of cake full of chocolate and others, completely plain.

Fortunately, a pastry chef friend told me his trick so that the chocolate chips are always well distributed throughout the cake.

The trick is lightly flour the chocolate chips before putting them in the mold. Look :

What you need

– chocolate chips

– freezer bag

– flour

How to do

1. Put the chocolate pieces in the freezer bag.

2. Add some flour to the bag.

3. Close the freezer bag.

4. Shake the bag so that the flour coats the nuggets.

5. Wipe off the excess flour around the chocolate pieces.

6. Put the chocolate pieces in the cake batter.


And There you go ! No more chocolate chips that all fall to the bottom of the cake 🙂

Easy, fast and convenient, right?

The chocolate pieces are now evenly distributed throughout the cake!

Indeed, the flour deposits a small film which prevents the nuggets from slipping into the dough during cooking.

She holds them in the middle of the cake or the brioche.

This trick also works for chocolate chips in cookies, fruit in clafoutis or candied fruit in cakes.

how to prevent fruit from falling to the bottom of the cake

Your turn…

Have you tried this pastry trick to prevent the fruit from falling to the bottom of the cakes? Tell us in comments if you liked it. We can’t wait to read you!

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