The terrible accusations against the referee of France-Argentina

Target of many critics after the final of the France-Argentina World Cup, Szymon Marciniak is at the heart of a new controversy.

Five months after being at the whistle of the World Cup final between France and Argentina, Szymon Marciniak has been appointed by UEFA to lead the Champions League final on Saturday June 10 between Manchester City and Inter Milan. A new recognition for the Polish referee, considered by many observers as the best whistle of the moment.

Szymon Marciniak has nonetheless come under severe criticism for several days. The fault of his presence, Monday, at an event organized by Slawomir Mentzen, the leader of The Confederation, a Polish far-right political party. The party’s profession of faith leaves no room for doubt: “We are against Jews, homosexuals, abortion, taxation and the European Union”he boasts.

UEFA wants clarification

Szymon Marciniak had been invited by Slawomir Mentzen to discuss his career. His speech therefore had no political accent. The Polish referee nevertheless suffered the wrath of various associations and UEFA, requested by never again, didn’t take long to react. “UEFA is aware of the allegations regarding Szymon Marciniak and is seeking urgent clarification. UEFA and the entire football community hate the values ​​promoted by the group in question and take these allegations very seriously. A further announcement will be made tomorrow, after reviewing all the evidence,” informed the body.

In the hot seat, Szymon Marciniak also split a message to contest the accusations against him. “Following the information disseminated in the media, I declare that I have never supported or legitimized any party, political organization or politician and I totally dissociate myself from any extreme, racist or anti-Semitic opinion, statement and actions.s,” he wrote on Instagram.

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