the spin-off Dead City shows up and it promises!

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The Walking Dead: Dead City finally holds its broadcast date and it’s happening very quickly!

The Walking Dead It’s over. After 11 seasons, AMC’s flagship series has come to a close, but the franchise will soon continue to capitalize on its universe and characters. Two big spin-offs, DeadCity (with Maggie and Negan) and TWD: Daryl Dixon (needless to say who is the main character here) are also particularly expected and should not take long to see the light of day. One of them has even just finally dated the broadcast of its very first episode by serving us a trailer that promises to be very heavy. At the same time, Fear The Walking Dead dates the start of its final season.

The Walking Dead: Dead City is dating with a dark trailer and a big bug

It’s the spin-off DeadCity which returned to the front of the stage recently with a short trailer to give us a broadcast date on the AMC channel.
The plot will take place 2 years after the end of the main series. Maggie will go to New York in search of her son Hershel, kidnapped by new big bad guys. Against all expectations, she will be accompanied by Negan, the assassin of her husband who has finally managed to find a place of choice among the key characters of the franchise. The Walking Dead: Dead City premieres June 18 on AMC. But we do not yet know the broadcaster for our territory.

From what the trailer shows us, the series promises to be particularly dark and much more anxiety-provoking than what we have been used to so far. Zombies, sorry, walkers, will of course always be there and in large numbers. Moreover, it would seem that these are more aggressive than ever. We don’t know if it’s the effect of the trailer or if we should expect surprises, but the trailer lets us see a creature much more threatening and crappy than what we’ve been used to ( at 0:08).

Fear the Walking Dead is ending soon

At the same time, we learn that fear the walking dead, the currently most popular spin-off series of the moment, will finally end after 8 seasons of good and loyal service. The first episodes of this final season will land on May 14 and should therefore begin to complete all the intrigues in progress. After that, Morgan, Madison and company normally, it’s over.

Daryl Dixon in Paris

If Maggie and Negan will visit the big apple, Daryl meanwhile will end up at home, in France. The biker much appreciated by fans will land despite himself in the capital of France. Unfortunately, not much is known about the series yet and it has yet to show up. On the other hand, we know that the filming is going well and we also had the right to a few visuals here and there at the end of last year (we put them back for you below). The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon should be released later this year. Once again, we don’t know which platform will take care of it in France.

The Walking Dead daryl france
The Walking Dead daryl france
The Walking Dead daryl france