the series breaks everything and beats the Game of Thrones spin-off

The Last of Us series has won its bet with exceptional records until the end of season 1. Very solid performances that allow it to overtake House of the Dragon.

Over the weeks, the success of the series The Last of Us has never wavered. The grand finale even allowed the HBO show to establish its dominance with big numbers. A beautiful conclusion to calmly begin the production of season 2.

The Last of Us series more powerful than House of the Dragon

If the teams behind The Last of Us must have felt a certain pinch in the heart following episode 9, they are certainly also very proud of the progress made. From the first episode, the TV adaptation broke some impressive old records by becoming HBO’s biggest hit after House of the Dragon. An event that hadn’t happened in 12 years, and the pilot of Boardwalk Empire.

A positive result? Yes, even extremely positive by the way. Despite competition from the 2023 Oscars, The Last of Us series held firm and garnered 8.2 million viewers for its conclusion. As a whole, the show brought in an average of 30.4 million per episode (for the first six), including nearly 40 million just for the opening one. That’s more than House of the Dragon and its 29 million average. Season 1, which ended on Monday, for the French, can be viewed in full on Amazon Prime Video.

What we know about TLOU Season 2

The success of the TLOU series is such that a season 2 was quickly ordered by the American channel. New episodes with the return of Bella Ramsey as Ellie, and the arrival of the character of Abby. One of the central characters of The Last of Us 2. No confirmation but the latter could be played by actress Shannon Berry (The Wilds).

As with Season 1, drastic changes are to be expected. So don’t wait for a copy-paste of TLOU Part 2 because it won’t happen. Perhaps this version could deepen elements that are too overstated in the game, such as the various factions for example. The series The Last of Us being even more focused on the men and women of this universe, that would make sense. And according to Pedro Pascal, aka Joel Miller, filming could start quite quickly, which suggests an early release. We will see.