The PS5 Pro could cost at least 700 euros when it is released

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The PS5 Pro is one of the most anticipated consoles of the moment. We may already know how much we will have to spend to afford Sony’s new model, if we are to believe the information of a YouTuber.


In a new one of his videos, YouTuber RedGamingTech revealed that he had heard that the PS5 could cost between 600 and 700 dollars, or at least 700 euros with us. It is therefore a significant increase compared to the PS5 Digital Edition and PS5, which cost respectively 399 dollars and 499 dollars, or 449 euros and 549 euros in France.

Of course, expect a more powerful GPU than the current generation, which will allow gamers to enjoy their favorite titles with better stability or with much better graphics. However, this would not be the only improvement that the console will offer, since in addition to increased performance, we can also expect a new designand maybe even liquid cooling.

When could the PS5 Pro be launched?

According to information from leaker Tom Henderson, Sony is preparing the launch of the console for the end of 2024. It would use an AMD RDNA 3 graphics chipwhich would allow it to be almost twice as powerful as the current PS5.

In the meantime, we know that Sony would have planned the release of a completely different console: a PS5 with a detachable disc drive. The latter would still be scheduled for this year, but Sony has not yet revealed anything about it. This PS5 with detachable disk drive should gradually replace the current modelin order to reduce production costs.

The Japanese giant is also preparing the arrival of the PlayStation Project Q, a PS5 accessory that will allow you to play your games in portable mode. It will be a kind of gamepad that will allow you to stream your PS5 games directly via Wi-Fiand not a console that would play games natively or even via cloud gaming.

We will of course keep you posted as soon as we learn more about Sony’s future Pro console. And you, what are your expectations for the PS5 Pro? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments.