the official app for iPhone is available in France!

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As Futura reported last Friday, it was this week that OpenAI scheduled the release ofappsapps specific for mobiles, whetheriOSiOS orandroidandroid. The first application store to be delivered is that ofAppleApple. The app ChatGPTChatGPT has just landed on the AppStore, but only works with the only iPhoneiPhone. The application is very basic and is only used to interact with the chatbotchatbot. To download it, it is better to go through this direct link on the App storestore, rather than performing a keyword search. Many imitations are present in the shop and come to occupy the ground. You might as well prefer the original to the imitation. The Android version should soon be available on the Play Store.

ChatGPT 4 arrives on Android and iOS smartphones with Bing Chat

Brief of Sylvain BigetSylvain Bigetpublished on May 20, 2023

After the versions of the chatbot for MicrosoftMicrosoft edge on computercomputerhere is declinationdeclination for mobile from Bing Chat. Hosted by GPT-4GPT-4artificial intelligence (AI) arrives in the form of a contextual chatbot for the NavigatorNavigator Edge for smartphones and TabletTablet.

As on the computer, the system makes it possible to generate, for example, a summary of a web page. It is also possible to select text and ask the chatbot for more information. That’s not all, since in addition to this integration edgeedgeA widgetwidget Bing for iOS and Android is also planned. It will allow you to start a discussion on the computer, to continue it in stride on a mobile. Convenient, for example, to generate a cooking recipe and consult the list of ingredients needed in a store directly on the smartphone. Better yet, it will be possible to ask questions by voice to Bing Chat. These new features will be available next week for all users with an iPhone or iPadiPad or a mobile powered by Android.

Written by Emilie Grenaud

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