the novelties of April 2023 with two cult licenses

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The schedule of new Disney+ films and series for April 2023 is here! A month with iconic franchises and characters. Here is all the news not to miss.

Temperatures are still far from ideal throughout France, so take the opportunity to stay under a plaid and watch films, series or documentaries. And you will have the opportunity with the additions of Netflix, Prime Video or Disney + which announces these new releases of April 2023. If it is a very shy month compared to others, we note everything even the presence of established franchises. Moreover, one of them is a pure product of the house of Mickey and is making a comeback with a relatively anticipated feature film.

So as not to miss any of these new releases, here is the complete line-up of the month as well as a focus on the biggest tracks not to be missed.

The new Disney+ releases of April 2023

It won’t be Disney+’s most memorable month, but you’ll probably find what you’re looking for in the selection of films. For April 2023, head to the home of superheroes, Marvel Studios, with the arrival of Spider-Man Far Home. The second feature in the trilogy starring Tom Holland (Uncharted) and Zendaya (Euphoria).

The second highlight of the next few days on Disney Plus will be the release of Peter Pan & Wendy which, drum roll, tells the story of the character who refuses to grow up and his sidekick Tinker Bell. A program which is released exclusively on the SVOD platform, and which will therefore not be distributed in cinemas. A film directed by a rather unexpected filmmaker: David Lowery. In recent years he has produced A Ghost Story and The Green Knight.

Director James Cameron is also at the heart of these novelties with an animal documentary, and the TV series adaptation of one of his successes.

April 2023 movies

  • Spider-Man: Far From Home (April 14)
  • The Great Forgiveness (April 14)
  • Almost (April 20)
  • Hungry (April 20)
  • Peter Pan & Wendy (April 28)

April 2023 playoffs

  • Tengoku-Daimakyo – A Journey beyond Heaven (April 1)
  • Ralph & Katie (April 2)
  • Family Weekend – Season 2 (April 5)
  • The Good Mothers (April 5)
  • Brothers (April 5)
  • For Life (April 5)
  • Mickey’s Magical House (April 5)
  • Will Trent (April 5)
  • Tiny Beautiful Things (April 7)
  • Fatal Memory (April 12)
  • PJ Masks (April 12)
  • True lies: for better and for worse (April 19)
  • Mrs. America (April 19)
  • HPI: High Intellectual Potential – season 2 (April 26)

April 2023 documentaries

  • Conversation with the Pope (April 5)
  • The Lost Treasures of Rome (April 7)
  • Bespoke Renovations with Jeremy Renner (April 12)
  • Inside: The Boston Marathon Bombing (April 14)
  • Secrets of Elephants (April 22)
  • Elizabeth II: One Life, One Reign (April 28)
Credits: Disney.

The Disney Plus programs of April 2023 not to be missed

Let’s get to the heart of the matter with the unmissable Disney + of April 2023 in terms of films, series but also documentaries. What’s good this month? A big family blockbuster with Spider-Man Far Homea dive into the magical world of Peter Pan for adults who refuse to grow up, a horrific thriller produced by director Guillermo Del Toro – one of Hideo Kojima’s BFFs -, an original animated series or even two projects closely or remotely linked to the filmmaker with James Cameron.

Spider-Man Far From Home (April 14)

With the new Spider-Man trilogy, starring young actors Tom Holland and his life and screen companion Zendaya, Sony Pictures has hit the jackpot and found its golden goose. Enough to make us forget their many cinematographic failures in recent years.

In Spider-Man Far From HomeMJ and Peter Parker go on a school trip to Europe, but the two companions will quickly be disturbed by the villainous Mysterio played by Jake Gyllenhaal (Night Call, Ambulance…).

Peter Pan & Wendy (April 28)

Nostalgic for Steven Spielberg’s fabulous Hook, here is an unreleased film that might interest you. At least if you are at least attracted to Peter Pan and the characters that revolve around it. Peter Pan & Wendy is an adaptation of the eponymous novel and focuses on the meeting between the boy who refuses to grow up, and his good fairy, Tinker Bell. Happy in their imaginary country, they will be confronted with Captain Hook. A classic story known to all, but in a more current version.

Hungry (April 21)

Without being a complete success, Affamés allows itself to be watched for its few moments and its history. We follow a teacher, played by Keri Rusell (Crazy Bear, The Americans…), investigates one of her students who seems undernourished while the mining town in which they live is affected by murders. Massacres that do not seem to be perpetuated by ordinary men or animals.

A production by Guillermo Del Toro (Pacific Rim, Nightmare Alley…) and a realization by Scott Cooper to whom we owe it The Blazes of Anger And The Pale Blue Eye with Christian Bale, or even Hostile.

Tengoku-Daimakyo (April 1)

Hirotaka Mori (Erased, Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale…) is back with the anime series Tengoku Daimakyo or A Journey Beyond Heaven. A program that will be available on Disney + at the rate of one episode per week. It is an adaptation of the mangas of Masakazu Ishiguro which takes place in the year 2024, in a dystopian universe where Japan is left in tatters.

After the disappearance of civilization, “infamous monsters” took over the country. A young woman, named Kiruko, must transport a boy named Maru to the ” heaven “.

True Lies: For Better or Worse (April 19)

Finally a 4K HDR restoration and everything from James Cameron’s True Lies movie? No, even if a little aside, it should happen in the next few months or at least in 2024. But anyway, here we have a TV series inspired by the action comedy of the father of Avatar 2, which was itself a remake of the French feature film La Totale.

Harry Tasker’s character is still an Omega Sector spy, but his wife, Helen, is now a teacher instead of a lawyer.

Secrets of Elephants (April 22)

Nature lover, especially the seabed, James Cameron signs a documentary “ The secrets of elephants for Disney+. A trip around the world to get to know these behemoths. As usual, the Hollywood technician combines his passion with the advances in technology to immerse us with realism in this new documentary which, for once, takes place on solid ground and not in the abyssal depths.