the new Overcooked, but you’re the one eating

Do you like pizza? Been to Overcooked? So we have to tell you about a game that was revealed through this trailer!

The start of 2023 is proving to be particularly generous in terms of major JV releases. Lately it’s the exploration game Chia who has been talked about a lot. But the last few months have been marked above all by highly anticipated AAAs. Of dead space To Forspokenpassing by Resident Evil 4 and the inevitable Hogwarts Legacy, there was something for everyone. And the year is far from over! Like many players, you may be spending the weekend sanding the Diablo IV beta. To make you wait in the queue which promises to be endless, we suggest you change the atmosphere. How about a little relaxation with Pizza Possuma game in which food is as important as in Overcooked ?

An Overcooked between concealment and chases

Overcooked and its sequel are perfect games for having fun with friends. Alone or in cooperation, they require players to collaborate effectively to satisfy the customers of their kitchen. Just like them, Pizza Possum invites you to embark on the adventure in single player or in two-player local co-op and split-screen. But this time, the roles are reversed: it’s up to the players to get food. As the name of the game suggests, these embody opossums hungry for food, especially pizza. On the other hand, they don’t care about service and prefer to steal shamelessly!

The result is a colorful 3D game that lets you visit a wide variety of regions, with a top view and in which you will have to collect as much food as possible without getting caught. Otherwise, leakage is possible. It will indeed be possible to place obstacles (barriers, bombs, etc.) on the road of your pursuers, guard dogs. But it is above all concealment that will be your salvation. Pizza Possum is above all a game of hide and seek. Check out the first trailer below, revealed during the Future Games Show 2023.

Announcement trailer of Pizza Possum

A release for 2023 and accessible to all players

Globally, Pizza Possum is based on simple gameplay mechanics. But its goal is above all to be instantly fun and entertaining. If we quoted Overcooked on several occasions, the title of the studio Cozy Computer draws its inspirations elsewhere as well. Thus, we naturally think of Untitled Goose Game when the game’s Steam page invites to “chase your scared neighbors, the pig and the goose, long enough for them to drop delicious fruit”. But let’s avoid spoiling all the surprises in store for you! Pizza Possum will be released in 2023 on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

An opossum in full infiltration

The life of an opossum is simple. To eat, you steal…everything you can get your hands on. And there’s no shortage of food! Except when dogs chase you around your quaint town. But that’s not going to stop you in this arcade-style hide-and-seek action game!

Synopsis of Pizza Possumthrough Steam

Written by Emilie Grenaud

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