The Natural and Powerful Recipe for Eliminating Moss.

Terrace, balcony, bricks, slabs, gravel, cobblestones… and so on and the best!

A little rain, a little sun and your house turns into an Amazonian jungle!

Fortunately, there is a remedy known to gardeners to eliminate moss effortlessly and naturally.

The trick is to make a powerful herbicide with baking soda.

It’s easy and quick to do. Look at the recipe:

What you need

– baking soda

– sprayer

– water

How to do

1. Pour 8 liters of water into a sprayer.

2. Add 350g baking soda.

3. Mix well.

4. Spray your mixture on the foam.


Slabs full of foam before and eliminate after with baking soda

And there you have it, you have effortlessly eliminated the moss naturally 🙂

Easy, fast and effective, right?

No need to buy a toxic Bayer-type herbicide from Leroy Merlin, Castorama Carrefour or Brico Dépôt!

Your anti-moss treatment is more economical and 100% natural!

And it saves you from using a super expensive Kärcher or toxic bleach.

To make it even more effective, apply your anti-moss treatment on a sunny day.

But be careful not to put it on your flowers or on the plants you want to keep.

This do-it-yourself anti-foam is therefore ideal for targeted use on the terrace, on a driveway…

Or on a wall or part of the roof.

This grandmother’s recipe works on all stone, concrete, roughcast, slate or bitumen surfaces.

Be aware, however, that baking soda is harmless to your pets.

With this ecological weed killer, your cat or your dog can absorb it without becoming intoxicated.

bonus tips

Do you know that you can also use your natural herbicide to eliminate the moss that invades tree trunks?

But in this case, it is better to use it in winter.

And here is another good news!

If the weeds become encrusted on the paving of the swimming pool or between the slabs of the terrace, there is no need to bend down to pull it out.

Use this homemade weed killer to kill weeds.

If you have back pain, this is an ideal solution for weeding without bending over.

Just spray your homemade product on the herbs and wait for the magic to happen.

Then, when the weeds are all shriveled, you can remove them in one easy step without forcing them.

Why does it work?

Bicarbonate is a naturally salty product.

Its high salt content makes it an effective natural weed killer.

It becomes phytotoxic when it exceeds 1% concentration.

He then burns the herbs and the roots of those herbs.

More info

Do you know the story of the first known weedkiller in history?

Varro was a Roman writer, scholar and magistrate.

He lived in 116 BC in Sabina (central Italy today).

He found that the soil became barren where the vegetable waters flowed.

Margins or vegetable waters are effluents resulting from the extraction of olive oil.

These margines were also called amurca.

They then flowed from the olive oil presses and spread on the ground. And nothing was growing!

Varro then recommends pouring this lees on the weeds to eliminate them.

This is perhaps the first natural weedkiller recipe!

Your turn…

Have you tried this homemade natural weedkiller recipe? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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