the latest update makes it easier to find content in “My List”

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Netflix has just rolled out a new update, which notably makes it easier to browse and find content on the mobile and TV application. We take stock of the new features integrated.

netflix interface update
Credit: 123RF

Since the beginning of 2023, Netflix has made sure to improve the user experience on its various media. A way like any other for the streaming platform to curb the exodus of subscribers as best it can. And yes, remember that Netflix lost more than 200,000 users in the first quarter of 2022, a first in ten years.

Since January 2023, the iOS version of Netflix has received some interface improvements, with smoother transitions between the different menus and even support for haptic feedback. More recently, Netflix has finally integrated the ability to customize its subtitles, a feature that users have been asking for for ages.

And on this Tuesday, May 23, 2023, Netflix just rolled out a new update for the Android and TV versions of its app. Via this update, the streaming giant facilitates the search for content in the tab My listwhich notably includes your films and series currently being viewed (or to be seen).

netflix interface update
Credits: Netflix

Netflix makes it easier to find content in “My List”

Thus, users can now take advantage of new filters, thanks to which they can sort their content according to:

  • release date
  • in alphabetical order
  • by category (film and series)
  • by date added to “My List”

It is also possible to sort the titles according to two other rather practical options, namely “I started” or “I didn’t start”. In fact, it’s much easier to take stock of your current series/movies and those you haven’t watched yet.

Remember that users did not benefit from any filter until then to sort their content saved in “My List”. In other words, they had no choice but to scroll through the tiles until they found the content they were looking for.

Moreover, and as said above, the TV version also benefits from a few additions. On the home screen, Netflix added a line Coming soon or “Coming soon”. Here, you will be able to have a brief overview of the series and films coming to the platform, with a short summary and the official release date (when there is one).