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the keyboard for Android could gain flexibility thanks to this new option

Google engineers are reportedly working on a new interface customization option.

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Google never stops improving GBoard, the keyboard for Android devices. The Mountain View company is pushing the customization of its application ever further and there is now a rumor that users will be able to move the keyboard vertically, to the place of their choice. Adding shortcuts, an ultra-complete toolbar, or even customizable emojis thanks to Emoji Kitchen: Gboard brings together almost everything that competing apps already offer, and more. According to 9 To 5 Google, one of the best keyboards on Android will gain even more flexibility.

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If we rely on the analysis of the source code of GBoard 13.0, currently deployed in beta, Google will give us the possibility of moving it more or less high compared to the bottom of the screen. This will be possible from menu giving access to quick settings which is already in the toolbar of GBoard (by tapping on the three dots). Be careful though, the keyboard will always extend from left to right, the only range of placement left to users being vertical. If you want to change the width of your keyboard, you will always have to “switch” to one-handed mode, or go through floating mode.

GBoard will offer a new resizing menu

This “Resize” option would also let us change the size of the keys. Will we have the choice among the seven sizes currently offered in the Android settings? Can we fine-tune them? No one knows yet. This feature is under development, and it is not not excluded that Google abandons the idea if its implementation turns out to be too tedious.

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Will this new feature be implemented in Android 14? The new mobile operating system should be formalized at the end of the summer. The OS will offer you to locate your device even if it has run out of battery. It will also support native passkey support, or even emergency calls by satellite.

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