the iPhone application is now available in France, still no news for Android

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It didn’t take long for French users to download the ChatGPT app to their iPhones. Indeed, a few days after its appearance on the App Store in the United States, it officially arrives today in France. On the other hand, still no word from OpenAI on the release date of the Android version for the moment.

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Last week, we announced that ChatGPT finally got an application for iPhone. Android users, for their part, had to wait a little longer, OpenAI promising that this version would arrive “soon”… in the same way as French users. Indeed, once is not custom, the deployment began in the United States before extending to several other regions of the globe.

Fortunately, the wait was not long. As of today, the ChatGPT application is available in France from the App Store. This will give you access to all the features present on the web version, whether free or premium. No need, therefore, to go through the widget to access the site from your home screen, the application is there for that.

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What about the Android version of the ChatGPT app?

France is not the only one to benefit from this new phase of deployment, since the application is also arriving in Albania, Germany, South Korea, Croatia, Ireland, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Nigeria, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. . All of them, on the other hand, currently only have the iOS version. Indeed, OpenAI has not yet communicated an official date for the launch of the Android version.

For the time being, we will therefore have to be satisfied with this mysterious “soon” that the firm wanted to send us. Let’s hope that by then, OpenAI complies with European legislation, which could well put a spoke in its wheels, as has already been the case in Italy. For this, the company will have to strictly respect the GDPR, which has been more and more severe lately against the big names in tech.