the driver did not see the child, the cannabis in question?

Girl killed in Trappes: the driver did not see the child, the cannabis in question?

In Trappes (Yvelines), a little girl of six died, hit by the driver of a car who was maneuvering. She would not have seen the child.

It is a real tragedy that occurred in Trappes, Tuesday, May 23, 2023. In this town of Yvelines, a six-year-old girl died, hit by a car, in a district located near the SNCF station. The accident happened in the early evening, around 8 p.m., as reported BFM-TV And The Parisian. The first elements obtained by these media suggest that it is more a serious error of inattention of the young driver during a maneuver and not a crazy act.

She thinks she hit the sidewalk

In his story, The Parisian explains that the driver was coming out of a parking space. At the same time, the little girl, who was riding a bicycle on the sidewalk, fell on the road, near the Peugeot 207 of the respondent. However, the 21-year-old driver would have started all the same, not having seen the child on the tarmac. The shock then occurred, without the reaction being immediate. The feeling of having hit the sidewalk would have predominated at first in the holder of a probationary license. It was only when she heard screams that she would have stopped. The rapid arrival of help did not resuscitate the little girl, who probably died of a head injury.

How could the driver, unknown to the police, not see the girl on the ground? This is the whole purpose of the investigation which, as the procedure requires, began with a drug test: the latter turned out to be positive for cannabis. According to the two other people also present in the car at the time of the tragedy, the young woman consumes it occasionally. Could this have altered his vision of the elements around his vehicle before starting as well as his feeling of having hit a sidewalk rather than a child? The work of the investigators and his hearing should make it possible to learn more.

Written by Aloys Gautier

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