the Doya sisters tell us about their journey and their vision of flamenco

MUSIC – Marina and Mélissa, who form the Doya group, are taking part in the 11th season of The Voice, on TF1. The sisters, who were born in Tarbes to Spanish parents, were bathed throughout their youth in a musical atmosphere inspired by flamenco.

During their blind audition, they sang Ave Cesaria (2013) by Stromae, where only Bigflo and Oli returned. In the next stage, the sisters faced the gypsy quartet Los Malunos in an unprecedented battle. Saved by the duo of Toulouse brothers, Marina and Mélissa were able to qualify for the Cross Battles stage this Saturday, May 6.

In an interview given to HuffPostto discover above, the sisters looked back on their journey in The Voice, but also mentioned their relationship with flamenco, their “musical crush”.

Marina, who was a works supervisor, and Mélissa, who had just finished studying physio, had never sung together before 2018. And it was at the request of the mayor of their village in Spain that the two sisters set out to the first time on stage. They were able to gain experience by playing in many tablao, these “temples” devoted to all forms of flamenco (singing, dancing, music).

“That night we played a medley, and actually, unexpectedly, people were surprised. Because two girls who play the guitar, the cajón, the violin, the saxophone, who actually accompany each other… We saw that there was a lot more effect when we were together, ” says Melissa.

With their style of music mixing flamenco with Latino, pop or even electro sounds, which they share on social networks, Marina and Mélissa have seduced people across France, Spain and Portugal.

“We started posting videos on Facebook at the time and we published the famous medley we had made in front of the mayor of our village. And it got a million views in a week and we got 50,000 subscribers all at once.” says, smiling, Marina.

Very quickly, they reached 5 million subscribers and played on their complicity. Mélissa, who has already sung for the group Boulevard des Airs, knew how important the impact on several singers and musicians can be.

“I think, really, the difference is that we’re both on the video. We’re sisters, we have a very strong connection and that goes beyond the camera and, I think, that’s what touches people. »

violin and saxophone

Their classical musical training at the conservatory did not prevent them from mixing different instruments, sometimes unexpected, such as the violin, for Marina, or the saxophone, for Mélissa. “It’s true that the violin really brings something different. Afterwards, there are more and more fusions in flamenco. But it’s true that it’s always a touch that detonates a little bit ”.

Like Camarón de la Isla and Carmen Linares, a whole generation of historic flamenco singers is dying out, but it is also an art that is experiencing a real renewal. Artists like C. Tangana or Rosalía brought their personal touch to authentic flamenco, which earned them a lot of criticism from purists in Spain.

But the sisters don’t take a dim view of dusting off classical flamenco. “Indeed, C. Tangana, Rosalía are artists who put flamenco back on the front of the stage. We admire them and they inspire us. They are young, modern people who bring freshness. »

The music of the Doya sisters has never been criticized, however they insist on respecting tradition. Marina does not see traditional flamenco ” evolve “ but wishes to mix the latter with “influences of other music in order to make a mixture of it. »

“We are two women, we sing, we accompany each other on the guitar… It’s true that in flamenco, that’s not what we’re used to seeing. Even if in Spain there are many flamenco singers, much more than in France. In any case, we, all the comments we have received so far have been kind, admits Melissa. In the end, people appreciate seeing us with a guitar, a cajón… there is a respect from musician to musician. It’s true that we haven’t had bad feedback on social networks, nor on our concerts. »

On stage at Lollapalooza in Paris

Thanks to their passage in The VoiceMarina and Mélissa will be able to go on stage at Lollapalooza in Paris on Saturday July 22, the same day as a certain Rosalía. “We meet on the same day as Rosalía at the Lollapalooza. When we heard this news, we were like crazy, we were so happy! » rejoice the two sisters.

Mélissa hopes that what they have prepared for their audience will also please the fans, “more latin”by Rosalia.

After multiple performances in France and abroad, but also the first parts of several artists, the duo was able to perform a first concert at the Stars, in Paris, on April 27th.

Marina and Mélissa have already composed their own music and hope to be able to release their EP very soon and continue concerts throughout France.

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Written by Emilie Grenaud

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