The common cold carries immunity to Covid-19 in children

What if the common cold provides immunity to Covid-19? This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, thus joining the previous findings of British scientists. Indeed, after noticing that children and adolescents were less hard hit by Covid-19, they realized that it could be linked to a previous infection to a common coldanother less virulent form of coronavirus.

Why are children better immunized than adults?

Indeed, one possible explanation for this immunity in children is that they have previously had colds caused by one of the four coronaviruses that cause seasonal cold symptoms. This could stimulate an immune response, with T cells able to react to cells infected with SARS-CoV-2 as well. But then why doesn’t it work so well with an adult individual who may also have had a cold during the winter?

“These reactions are particularly strong early in life and weaken significantly as we age,” explains study author Annika Karlsson, research group leader at the Department of Laboratory Medicine at the Karolinska Institute. “Our results show how the T cell response develops and changes over time and may guide future surveillance and vaccine development,” continues the scientist.

An advance that could be valuable for the development of future vaccines.

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