The Blues crushed by the United States

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Opposed to an undefeated United States team and already qualified for the quarter-finals of the 2023 World Elite, the Blues conceded a very heavy defeat (9-0) and will play their last match for honor.

The step was much too high for the Blues. For their penultimate match in the 2023 World Elite, Philippe Bozon’s players had the formidable honor of facing the United States on the ice of the Nokia Arena in Tampere. Faced with an undefeated formation in the competition, the Habs did not weigh very heavily. It only took six minutes to see Conor Garland launch Drew O’Connor towards the cage of Sebastian Ylönen, who bowed.

Even before the quarter of an hour of play, the Americans took the break and then increased the bill. First of all, it was on a pass from Scott Perunovich that Cutter Gauthier scored his team’s second goal. From scorer, the latter became a passer for TJ Tynan, who left no chance for the tricolor goalkeeper. From the start of the second period, Philippe Bozon sent Quentin Papillon into the tricolor goal. But, after Justin Addamo was taken out for two minutes for erratic use of his stick, Scott Perunovich and TJ Tynan offset Cutter Gauthier for the Americans’ fourth goal.

The Blues have only suffered

The latter then remained silent until the start of the third period. The last 20 minutes were an avalanche of goals for a France team that had no voice in the matter. With both teams one down on the ice, Drew O’Connor reviewed the Habs defense for his team’s fifth goal after two minutes. After two assists, Scott Perunovich went from his goal on an action built by Matt Coronato and Andres Bjork. In the process, Rocco Grimaldi improved assists from Matt Coronato and Nick Perbix.

The American bench then decided to change goalkeeper with Drew Commessi who took the place of Cal Petersen. The last minutes saw Conor Garland, on a pass from TJ Tynan, then Cutter Gauthier, found by his two teammates involved on the eighth goal, sealed the fate of the meeting. The Blues concede their fifth defeat in a row in this 2023 Elite World Cup, also the heaviest (9-0). Against Germany on Tuesday, it will only be a question of trying to end this trip to Finland on a good note.