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“Tebas is a m**de”, gets carried away by Ménès

The scandal against a background of racist insults which affects Vinicius Junior never ceases to make people react. Pierre Ménès commented on the matter, directly targeting the president of La Liga, Javier Tebas.

Once is too much. But for Vinicius Junior, the sad story is unfortunately only repeating itself. For the umpteenth recovery, the Brazilian striker of Real Madrid was targeted by racist insults during a La Liga match. It was Sunday on the Valencia side and the incident caused a lot of reaction. While Real Madrid has decided to file a complaint and that its coach, Carlo Ancelotti, said that “La Liga has a problem with racism”, the president of the Spanish Football League took the floor. Javier Tebas thus declared on social networks that “ racism is a very specific subject“. According to him, we should not make a generalization of what Vinicius Junior is undergoing. Words that inevitably make people react.

This Monday, Xavi, for example, supported the Madrid player and sent a message to Javier Tebas asking him to be aware of what was happening. For his part, Pierre Ménès, was much sharper. In the style that characterizes him, the journalist posted a message on social networks and he notably attacked Javier Tebas directly. ” The racist insults against Vinicius Junior are intolerable and it’s far from the first time. 3 remarks: Real should have left the pitch, Valencians behaved shamefully and Tebas is definitely shit. »

“Irresponsible behavior”

In any case, the affair takes on a global dimension since a large number of media relay what is happening around the event. Vinicius Junior receives a multitude of support from everywhere. Compatriots such as Ronaldo (the real one) and Neymar, for example, posted messages to show him that they were with him. Through its president Luis Rubiales, the Spanish Football Federation has recognized a “problem of racism” in football. The leader also went in the direction of Pierre Ménès, with however an obviously obvious reserve, by criticizing the ” irresponsible behavior of La Liga president“, Javier Tebas.

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