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Team Rocket says goodbye (and it ends very badly)

More than 25 years after its first appearance in Pokémon, Team Rocket is breaking up and breaking the hearts of fans.

For the past few weeks, strong emotional moments have been linked for fans of Pokemon. After finally seeing Ash become the best trainer (winner of the Alola League), the public had to face some very sad news. The adventures of the hero and his best companion Pikachu will end in 2023. What could happen worse before that for anime fans? Another iconic departure before the end of Sacha’s epic? Sold.

Team Rocket, a heartbreaking separation

If you love Pokemonthe tissue budget is likely to be very heavy in this year 2023. On March 10, TV Tōkyō, a Japanese television channel, broadcast the penultimate episode of the 25th season of Pokemon. An episode that puts an end to the history of Team Rocket. As always, the iconic trio of Jesse, James, and Meowth are trying to get hold of Pikachu. Another failure for Team Rocket, but this time, one too many. After a heated argument, the three allies decide to separate definitively. Fans expected a happy ending, but it’s not. Team Rocket has had a string of disappointments for more than 25 years and their last moments are no happier. The pill is even harder for the public to swallow.


Last Hope for Pokemon Fans

The conclusion of Team Rocket’s story seems so unfortunate that some fans harbor hopes of seeing them again before the anime ends. The last two episodes should be just as rich in emotions.

Recall that the new series of the franchise Pokemon will be released this year. Without Ash, Pikachu and most certainly without Team Rocket. A new anime which will therefore have the difficult task of making people forget cult characters who have accompanied fans for over 25 years.

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