Take Data-driven Actions with Computer Lab License Management

With LabStats, you can now reduce software costs with computer lab license management.


The Direct Data Access at LabStats offers greater control and flexibility to IT leaders. Manual processes like monitoring site-wide applications can be time-consuming, but our tracking tool reduces this to a matter of minutes. Get all the data you need in real-time with LabStats’ Power BI Dashboard Template.


Optimized Software Management

Site-wide licenses and high-volume departmental requests may chip away at your IT budget, resulting in overspending on unused software.


LabStats’ computer lab license management software allows you to identify the most used as unused software, along with a host of usage metrics that help you to renegotiate software license renewals more effectively and provide the resources that your students and staff need.


You can do this by:


●    Locating the machines with unused software, so that you aren’t removing any software used by students. You can get real-time location of unused software licenses.

●    The BI dashboard gives you live availability of which licenses aren’t being used and where they’re installed. The list segregates zero-used and least-used software in a matter of minutes.

●    Find unused applications, and which group or labs have excess licenses. You can then save money by optimizing license spending.


Work with Us

LabStats helps IT leaders optimize their budgets and manage student demands efficiently. Start your free trial by calling 208-473-2222 or sending an email to 


Business Name:- LabStats

Address:- 16 W Martin Street, Raleigh, NC 27601

Phone:- 208–473–2222

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