Super Bowl controversy?

A decisive whistle in the final minutes angered Eagles fans, who beat the Chiefs (38-35) in the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl number 57, which pitted the Kansas City Chiefs against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night, was wonderful. There was everything: a duel between the two best teams of the season, talented quarterbacks, twists, brilliant actions, and suspense (38-35 victory for the Chiefs in the last seconds). We will even add a little “drama”, with the injury of superstar Patrick Mahomes at the end of the first half, and his return to the field to lead his team to victory, after being 10 points behind at the time of Rihanna concert at the break.

However, there was a small arbitration controversy, with a controversial decision at the end of the game. When Mahomes’ pass was too long for JuJu Smith-Schuster, the referees whistled a “holding”, a restraint. In the NFL, it is allowed to block your opponent, but not to hold him back when he has passed. This decision virtually sealed the victory for the Chiefs. Without this whistle, Kansas City would still have had a field-goal to take the lead, but the Eagles would have had the ball for more than the handful of seconds granted to Jalen Hurts on the last action.

This decision angered Philadelphia fans. And it was not understood by Greg Olsen, the Fox consultant, who would not have whistled such a small fault at such an important moment in the match. “Let them play”, “let them play”dropped the former Panthers player, who believes that it is rather up to the players to make the difference at such a time in the meeting, and not to the referees.

The main referee, Carl Cheffers, fully assumes this decision. The receiver went inside and he was trying to go outside again. The defender grabbed the shirt with his right hand and stopped it from going outside. So, therefore, we called the defensive grab”he said, ensuring that no referee on the ground has expressed any doubt about this sanction. It was a clear case of shirt grabbing which resulted in a penalty. There was no debate”he assures.

Note that another camera angle, which was not broadcast at first, actually shows a small seizure of the defender, with the right hand. It was enough to whistle, in the eyes of the referees. And, above all, the Eagles defender admitted that there was indeed a “holding” on this action. Handsome player.

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