social networks are dangerous for children’s brains, according to this study

The US Surgeon General, the American public health authority, has just published a new study looking at the dangers of social networks on the brain development and mental health of children.

social media dangers
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For several years now, there have been countless studies pointing to the harmful effects of social networks on young users, especially children. In January 2021, two British institutions shed light on the dangers that TikTok, Twitter and the like pose to the well-being of adolescents.

And precisely, the US Surgeon General, the American public health authority, has decided to sound the alarm in turn. In this new report, Vivek Murthy, Chief of the US Surgeon General, highlights the catastrophic consequences what can social networks have on the development of the brain of the youngest.

A lack of safety for the youngest

Via this study of several pages, the scientist blame the lack of security first on the various networks, especially for children and teenagers. “Virtually all teens in the United States use social media, and at this time we don’t yet have enough evidence to conclude that the experience is safe enough for them, especially at such a vulnerable stage of brain development. , emotional and social”, he writes.

According to him, too much use of social networks at these young ages can lead to many problems:

  • behavioral problems
  • food problems
  • depression
  • damaged self-image
  • faulty memory
  • difficulty concentrating

As the report states, 46% of teenagers surveyed and aged between 13 and 17 say feel worse about themselves because of social media. The problems listed above can have dramatic consequences, up to suicide in the most serious cases.

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Social networks are not to be banned completely

Despite everything, the US Surgeon General is not campaigning for the pure and simple disappearance of social networks. For the institution, Snapchat, TikTok or Twitter can also provide certain benefits to the child’s development : space for personal expression, possibility of creating and maintaining friendships online, discussions around the same center of interest, etc.

In addition, the American organization believes that social networks can be a valuable ally for minorities : “Studies show that social media can support the mental health and well-being of LGBTQ+ people and other minorities by enabling peer-to-peer connections and support.” As a reminder, a study published on Monday proved that 8 out of 10 French people consider that social networks are a danger for our society.

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