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Russians and Ukrainians come to blows during a summit in Turkey

WAR IN UKRAINE – A summit under high tension. As the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC) met Thursday (May 4) in Ankara, Turkey, Russian and Ukrainian parliamentarians came to blows after provoking each other on several occasions, Sky News reports. and the Russian media.

First there was a first altercation in the middle of the session, when Ukrainian parliamentarians came to interrupt the speech of their Russian counterpart, Olga Timofeeva, by waving Ukrainian flags and shouting slogans.

As you can see in the video at the top of the articlethe Ukrainian deputies were then vigorously pushed around and the Turkish administrators ordered them to put away their flag.


But the conflict did not end there. Afterwards, while Olga Timofeeva was being interviewed, Ukrainian parliamentarian Oleksandr Marikovski went to wave his Ukrainian flag behind her. He then provoked the anger of the secretary of the Russian delegation Valery Stavitsky, who went to snatch his flag from his hands.

The two men then immediately began to exchange punches under the dumbfounded gaze of the cameras and the other parliamentarians, who then forced them to separate.

Meetings of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization − which brings together Azerbaijan, Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Russia, North Macedonia , Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine − have already been the subject of tensions between its member countries in the past. In 2014, Ukraine denounced in particular the invasion of Crimea by Russia and the expansionist desires of Vladimir Putin.

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