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Rafale, SCAF, Leclerc tanks… The ideas of deputies to improve the LPM

Will the deputies succeed in substantially modifying the military programming law (LPM)? A little over a month after the presentation to the Council of Ministers of the LPM 2024-2023 by the Minister for the Armed Forces Sébastien Lecornu, the text has been examined by the Defense Committee since May 9, before a planned plenary examination. from May 22. The work promises to be intense: the deputies of the committee tabled no less than 940 amendments to this text, which provides for a total investment of 413 billion euros over the seven years of programming, a financial effort up 40% compared to that of the last LPM.

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As often, a good part of the amendments are editorial changes, minor and not very significant, which relate to a word or a wording. An amendment by the LFI-NUPES group thus calls for the qualification of France to be changed to “power of balance”, the term adopted by the LPM and the National Strategic Review of 2022, in “power of balance” in the singular. The term “balance power”, “idle” according to LFI, abstruse according to others, had generated a certain irony in the microcosm when the RNS was published. Amendments from the Renaissance group call for them to replace “HR” with “human resources”, or “dedicated” with “dedicated”.

France as a “power of balance”? As the war in Ukraine rages, President Macron’s formula is intended to be reassuring, but it is not the right one to lead French diplomacy in a world undergoing profound transformation. via @lemondefr

— Jean-Marie Guéhenno (@JGuehenno) April 4, 2023

Return to 185 Rafale in 2030

Other, much more interesting amendments reflect the priorities of the different political groups.

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