Police wives testify to their feeling of insecurity

Jessica and her police husband were awakened on the night of February 8 to 9, noting the degradation of their car by ill-intentioned individuals, after their address and identity leaked. The woman has since lived, like many other wives of law enforcement officers, in permanent insecurity.

Flee to protect his family. This is what Jessica, a policewoman, wants after her car was degraded by ill-intentioned individuals on the night of February 8 to 9. While their address and identity have leaked, the woman, like many other spouses of law enforcement officers, has since lived in permanent insecurity.

And for good reason, she had been alerted that night by a “deaf noise”, and looking out the window, she had distinguished two silhouettes. “Panic” and “confused”, the couple had found that the four tires were punctured, in addition to offensive tags on the doors.

This is the third time that Jessica has received an ill-intentioned visit to her home, since her address, the first and last names of her husband in addition to those of her children were disclosed. She is now thinking of moving.

“To flee if we want to ‘protect our family’ we don’t have much choice. They came, they know where we live… There is only this solution to put an end to all this”, she lamented.

The Minister of the Interior alerted

This feeling of insecurity, Clothilde, policewoman also feels it. After her husband controlled a drug dealer last December, young people were reportedly seen near his home. She too would like to move for fear of reprisals.

“I am afraid that the sanctions will not be effective enough unfortunately, and that it will start again just behind, or even worse, because it will have annoyed them. Perhaps I prefer to flee, to put my family in safety, than to risk the conflict and that it turns against us” she confides to the microphone of CNEWS.

This fear also has an impact on the health of these young women, Clothilde has already lost five kilos and has developed permanent anxiety: “When I go home by car, if there is someone behind me, I won’t shoot where I live because I’d rather go around an extra block and tell myself at least no one is coming,” she added.

Faced with this unbearable situation with which their family is confronted, Jessica and Clothilde alerted by mail the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin for the transfer of their spouse, without however having an answer to date.