Pogba, it’s not working at all

The physical troubles of Paul Pogba begin to annoy deeply on the side of Juventus.

And it continues for Paul Pogba. Absent from the field for 10 months now (except for 45 minutes in a friendly last summer), the French midfielder has still not played with Juventus this season.

Weighed down by a right knee injury, which deprived him of the 2022 World Cup, the 2018 world champion saw the end of the tunnel on January 29, when he was on the score sheet for the reception of Monza . But since, Pogba suffered another setback which forces his trainer to wait again before having to rely on him.

For a great veteran like Marco Tardelli, it’s the last straw. ” Pogba hasn’t played since April 2022 when he was still at Manchester. It is now a problem for Juve, we don’t know when he will return and we don’t know what he wants to do, railed the former Italian international, on the Rai 2 channel. Pogba goes skiing while his teammates are struggling with big problems from Juve, we don’t operate when the club wants it but he decides the timing because he is afraid of missing the World Cup.

“Today Paul Pogba is a big problem that the Bianconeri must solve, this situation also shows that Juve does not have enough clear ideas. Allegri must take over, it’s not possible to have a player like that in the squad. His behavior towards his teammates isn’t fair either, it annoys me.” annoys the man with nearly 400 matches in the jersey of Juve.