PlayStation formalizes Project Q, a portable console for streaming from the PS5

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On the occasion of the PlayStation Showcase, Sony announced not only games, but also hardware products. The most surprising of these is currently called Project Q, an accessory that is used to play streaming from a PS5. A concept that reminds us of the PS Vita which was able to stream games from PS3 and PS4. No release date is announced, but Sony promises to say more before the end of the year.

sony playstation project q

For two months, a crazy rumor announces the return of a portable console at Sony. The Japanese firm has tried it twice with the PlayStation Portable and the PlayStation Vita, two excellent consoles. The first had some success, but the second did not meet its audience, despite excellent construction. In December 2019, Sony officially announced that it was abandoning the PlayStation Vita, as well as any desire to return to this market, which has been largely dominated by the Nintendo Switch since its release.

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However, at the beginning of April, rumors from the Insider Gaming site claim that Sony is preparing a new portable console codenamed Q Lite. This same rumor claims that the console would be released before the hypothetical PlayStation 5 Pro. Coincidentally (or not), information from The Verge site confirmed Sony’s desire to relaunch in cloud gaming. The Japanese firm abandoned PlayStation Now in 2022, of course, but it still has the technology inherited from Gaikai which was used, a few years ago, to steamer PS3 and PS4 games on the PS Vita.

sony playstation project q

Sony will launch a portable console to stream PS5 games

Today, the two pieces of information come together to become an unexpected announcement. Indeed, during the PlayStation Showcase on May 24, 2023, Sony unveiled the upcoming arrival of a new “portable console” that the firm calls internally Project Q (or Q Lite). Like what, the leaks from Insider Gaming were rather precise. This console is not really one, since it will logically not contain any game. On the other hand, it will work together with a PlayStation 5 so that users can play their games, streaming, when the television is already taken. A concept that strangely reminds us of other consoles, starting with the PS Vita, but also the Logitech G Cloud that we recently tested.

sony playstation project q
PS5 accompanied by hardware products announced at PlayStation Showcase, including Project Q

During the PlayStation Showcase where Project Q was formalized, Jim Ryan gave only a few details. The screen is a good 8 inches., as had been announced by the rumors. The definition of the screen is “HD”. Will it be a 720p or 1080p display? We will have to wait for more information from Sony, which has promised to reveal more very soon. Also note that the screen is surrounded by what looks like the two halves of a Dualsense controller. Thus, players will benefit from the same handling with Project Q as with a PS5. This is reminiscent of a concept of PlayStation Portable merged with a Dualsense that we introduced you to in early 2022… The commercial launch has obviously not yet been specified. And even less its price. But we will obviously be very curious to know more.