Pierre Palmade case: the comedian will know on Tuesday if he is again placed in pre-trial detention

Pierre Palmade will know this Tuesday, March 14 if he is again placed in pre-trial detention. The investigating chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal was to rule this Friday morning on the release of the comedian, but announced that it had postponed its decision.

Will Pierre Palmade remain free or will he be detained again? The decision of the investigating chamber of the Court of Appeal will finally be known this Tuesday, March 14 at 9 a.m. While the prosecution again requested this Friday the placement in pre-trial detention of the comedian, during a hearing which lasted 45 minutes, the magistrates therefore preferred to postpone their decision.

By Tuesday, the investigating chamber will therefore have to estimate whether the choice made by the investigating judge in charge of the case of his accident, to release Pierre Palmade (under judicial supervision) is legitimate or not. . Clearly, it will be a question of assessing whether keeping the comedian in pre-trial detention is indeed unjustified, taking into account the elements available, in order to establish whether or not he can remain free.

Pierre Palmade still hospitalized

Indeed, Pierre Palmade is currently free, even if still hospitalized and under judicial control. The investigating judge had considered that his state of health, after his stroke, was not compatible with incarceration. Although the summary detention filed in the wake of the prosecution suspended this decision for a time, a magistrate of the Paris Court of Appeal estimated on March 7 that there was no reason to extend this suspension.

The comedian had therefore seen the police officers placed at the door of his room being recalled. Not wearing an electronic bracelet, he must however follow instructions, such as not going abroad, not driving, not going to the department of Seine-et-Marne (where the accident took place ) and not come into contact with the two passengers who were in his vehicle.

As a reminder, Pierre Palmade was indicted for homicide and involuntary injuries by a driver who used narcotics, in a state of legal recidivism. On February 10, he crashed into a family’s vehicle, injuring three and killing a pregnant woman’s baby.