Pierre Palmade case: his accuser sentenced to one year in prison

Fabien Fleury, who accused Pierre Palmade of possessing child pornography images, was sentenced to one year in prison for supplying synthetic drugs during sexual orgies.

Two years in prison, one of which is closed for Fabien Fleury. The man who had accused Pierre Palmade of possessing child pornography images was sentenced on Friday March 17 by the Paris Criminal Court.

He was tried for having provided synthetic drugs during sexual orgies that he organized in Paris from January 2022 to January 2023, as specified by Le Parisien.

Fabien Fleury is also known for having denounced comedian Pierre Palmade following the car accident which left three seriously injured on February 10. The 36-year-old man then contacted the media and then the minors protection brigade. He revealed that he had in his possession videos of Pierre Palmade viewing child pornography.

A spendthrift lifestyle

In addition, Fabien Fleury would be in a situation of delicacy with taxes. He received 500 euros per month from RSA as well as a housing allowance. Despite this aid, he would have had a lifestyle pushing him to spend between 5,000 and 7,000 euros per month.

The thirties earned his living by managing the communication of a sex shop, by turning in gay pornographic films as well as by working as an escort. However, Fabien Fleury did not declare any of this income to taxes.

In addition, he organized parties in his Paris apartment located on boulevard Rochechouart. A dozen people went there to practice “chemsex”, and had to pay 10 euros to enter and then 30 euros to get drugs. In two years, Fabien Fleury would have earned 194,000 euros from these activities according to investigators.